A gift for Chanah Rivkah

In 2009 the Berlowitz family decided to come live in South Africa withtheir daughter Chanah, now 12 years old, who suffers from cerebral palsey, retardation and quadriplegia.  She also suffers with seizures and reflux.  Even with all these challenges in Chanah Rivka’s life she is able to wake up with a smile on her face and ‘j ump over’ the hurdles of the day.  With the limited resources her family is able to provide, Chanah Rivka’s physical condition is being maintained through the generous volunteers and therapists who are providing assistance to her. Chazak Foundation saw that Chanah Rivkah was in urgent need for equipment in order to better her therapy so that it could be more productive.  A bench was donated on the 20 March 2012.  Thank you to Stacey Aires for her generous donation.  . . . read more >>

Welcome to Chazak

Chazak Foundation is a non-profit organization whose core objective is to create a broad awareness and sensitivity amongst pre-school children towards people who have physical and mental disabilities across the broadest spectrum.

This is achieved by creating age-appropriate literature, materials and teaching programmes aimed at sensitizing children and creating inclusiveness in the classroom for those with disabilities.

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Challenges, each one brings its questions, its hope, its choices.

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